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What is Ethereum and Ether

According to Aristotle, Ether is the fifth and the most perfected element. Not strange that Vitalik Buterin, a programming genius, called his project Ethereum. Soon you will understand why.

Ethereum is a fundamentally new platform for applications. It is in the same type a platform and a programming language which allows the developer to create and publish distributed applications of the new generation.

The client for OC Windows, Linux and Mac OSX 10.9. can be uploaded on the Ethereum website. Ether is the inner currency of the platform. The network can be used for encoded and safe transaction of anything:  agreements, money, voting results, etc. Unlike Bitcoin network, Ethereum doesn’t ask for access to your personal data or funds, which opens the doors to many, recently impossible, applications.

Ethereum protocol is public and can be used for any program development.  At the same time, the program can be written in any programming language. And the written application will be fulfilled in the perfectly protected “cloud”.

Separate accounting units, called Ether, are building blocks, which are functioning within the general network. Every unit is a computer program that has its own balance, memory, and code. On their basis applications with open source code are built. Among such applications can be programs for conclusion the contracts, creating cloud data storages, decentralized hosting, forecast markets, trading platforms, and even your own currencies.